About Us

At Happy Hound Hotel, we think every dog should have its day, every day of its stay. Founded in Aumsville, Oregon on the premise of love, we offer safe, secure, low-stress daycare and boarding that focuses on your dog’s well-being. More tail-wagging on their part means less worrying on yours.

We believe in wet noses, droopy ears, and tennis balls. We’re devoted to dogs and we know you are too. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to take care of your furry family members whenever you can’t. Whether your pet is here for a few hours or a few days, they’ll play, socialize, frolic, and thrive, all in an environment of comfort and care.

Throw us a bone – you’ll be glad you did!

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Happy Hound Hotel

Happy Hound Hotel is nestled between Aumsville and Stayton, tucked away on 4.5 acres of land perfect for running, romping, and frolicking fun. The owner lives on-site, with the kennel right across from her home. The hotel is a one-woman business, which allows for customized and personalized care. We can house 10 dogs overnight and several others during daycare hours.

Dogs that stay here aren’t just guests; they’re family. We aim to be their home away from home, giving them a place of warmth, stimulation, and security. Come on inn and see for yourself!

Meet the Owner

Tawnia Cook is the leader at Happy Hound Hotel and a life-long animal lover. Tawnia attended PCC to become a veterinarian technician in 2001. After working for veterinarians around Salem and Keizer, she wanted to help people with boarding dogs. Starting an in-home boarding business at 23 years old was finally a dream come true. After starting a family the dog boarding became her income. Moving to Aumsville and buying Happy Hound Hotel was her perfect dream, allowing dogs to play with others or by themselves on-property with little kennel time and lots of family love. Not having the dogs in kennels all day, but instead running outside or being free to roam the dog building is just what makes the dogs happy. 

When dogs are inside the kennel building there is ductless heating and air-conditioning to keep them comfortable. Raised beds are placed in kennels at night with comfy blanket and music or a movie playing. There is a buried no-climb fence in the backyard with big trees. The end result is an indoor/outdoor wonderland that focuses of safety and fun.

When not managing Happy Hounds, Tawnia enjoys crafting with kids and family time. A nice hike in the mountains
with her family and two dogs makes the world a happy place. Currently she has two dogs and three children–twin girls that love being active outside, and a teenage boy who is creative and loves dogs. All kids help with dogs when they can, throwing balls, cleaning kennels or folding laundry. We are a team and make sure that dogs and family needs are always taken care of.

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